It’s been circulating for months now, all across Twitter and Twitch and various other social media platforms, the “boobie streamer” debate. As more people find out about Twitch, and hear the success stories of the top tier (which takes tons of work to get to) of streamers, tons of people are thinking they should give it a try. Why not? They have video games and an internet connection? May as well give it a shot.

Now depending on who you talk to, if you also happen to be a woman with ample cleavage, then that basically guarantees at least a little success and instant growth. We are seeing more and more attractive women starting out streaming careers on Twitch with varying levels of boobs on display. Some of them are clearly doing it intentionally, and capitalizing on what they have, the “if you got it flaunt it” mentality. Some just happen to be great gamers that are also very entertaining but have above average boobs that are hard to be subtle about even at the best of times. This blog is not here to shame either type of streamer, or comment on the “validity” of these boob streamers, but for a different reason. And that is:


It’s a HUGE misconception that these types of streamers are garnering immediate and quantifiable success and making tons of money off of sex-crazed men who just want to stare at them all day. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. This is just the latest excuse from all the streamers out there, of both genders in reality for some women complain about this too, who aren’t seeing the numbers they want and are looking to blame anything but their own content. Now rather than rant for pages and paragraphs (as I could if I really wanted to), I have some actual hard proof to disprove this ridiculous idea. These come from a combination of my own research and time spent in various streams, as well as an awesome study that was done and can be found at the link

  • Only 4 women are in the top 100 streamers on Twitch
  • Women are less than 19% of the top 10% of viewed streamers
  • Women are only 19% of a random sample of 2500 active casters
  • On average the top 2500 men of Twitch avg 1500 viewers, the top 10% of women only around 390.
  • Men currently grow concurrent viewers 10 times easier than women. Men had 20 avg concurrent viewers gained in the last 60 days by the top 2500 streamers while women only gained 2 on average.
  • Follows for male streamers are almost 4 times more likely to turn into concurrent viewers.

ALSO WHETHER WE COVER UP OUR BOOBS OR NOT THERE WILL STILL BE TROLLS AND PERVS IN CHAT COMMENTING ON THEM! I personally have quite average boob size, bordering on small, and don’t often wear cleavage revealing things on my own channel. On multiple occasions, often while wearing a BAGGY AND NOT AT ALL SEXY SWEATSHIRT I get comments like “luv ur big tits, I wanna fuk” (that one was days ago in fact). Now that is like 5 times more true for streamers who do have larger boobs. Here’s another example, much bigger streamer than I am who I like, goes by the name of ZombiUnicorn, while being a fairly skilled gamer (with awesome hair) also gets a lot of negative attention and gets called a boob streamer. But even on streams where her tits are 100% covered and out of sight, she still gets all the same sexual comments in chat and the same attention. Check out her tweet below with a clip from her stream illustrating this exact point:

So at the end of the day, everyone out there who’s shaming these “titty streamers,” both male and female, face the facts. You’re just trying to find an excuse to blame your lack of followers/subs/viewers/whatever else you’re investing so much self-worth in, rather than looking inward and thinking ‘how can I make my stream better? What would make me stand out amongst these hundreds of thousands of broadcasters?”

Boobs aren’t stealing your damn views, how about you just put out good content and stop judging others and ENJOY YOUR DAMN STREAM!

See you next blog readers!